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I came, I saw, I baked. I’m going to bed. December 23, 2007

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Whew. Round One complete, well, sorta.

I have baked. (by jeninmaine)

What you’re looking at are eight mini spice loaves, which my darling husband so adorably wrapped in plastic wrap, then parchment paper and tied with twine. The small containers in the front hold about 4 dozen sugar cookies with red and green sugar sprinkled atop. Lying about are the other who-knows-how-many sugar cookies to which I have applied royal icing and need to dry overnight.

I have baked. (by jeninmaine)

The royal icing ended up being a challenge…first I added too much sugar, then too much egg white to compensate, then too much more sugar, back and forth. I really don’t know how many egg whites I used by this point, all I do know is I have a shitton of leftover icing in airtight containers in my fridge that I will probably never use.

I have baked. (by jeninmaine)

Anyway, after wrestling with the consistency I think I finally got it down. We had quite a few casualties that were cheerfully disposed of. I discovered that adding sugar really should be done very gradually, and that using a teaspoon to spread the icing works a lot better than a knife. I was able to spread it in a circle, leave it sort of streaky on top, then after setting it down it smoothed out quite a bit. It definitely takes practice and I got better as I went. You can see some of the runnier too-much-icing culprits at the top of the picture.

I have baked. (by jeninmaine)

AND I took a break to make dinner complete with beer-battered chicken fingers, which if I may say so myself came out awesome. Thankfully dear Michael cleaned up after all that.

Theoretically I’m supposed to pipe snowflake shapes atop these, which I should probably do tonight, but I’m too damned tired so we’ll see if I get to it tomorrow. If I don’t, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll just gift them as-is. Screw it.

Of course, I have other scavengers to worry about while the cookies sit out.

Uh oh... (by jeninmaine)

This is from last night. I had the camera on the wrong setting so the picture is terrible, but once I got it set properly he had already curled up back onto the bed. I walked into the hallway next to the bathroom, peeked in to kidlet’s room to check to see if he was asleep and found this.

Kidet masters acrobatic sleeping (by jeninmaine)

Maybe it’s time to find the kiddo a gymnastics class.

It’s late. Night, all.



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