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A few little thingamabobs. December 29, 2007

Posted by jeninmaine in beading, food, sewing.
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Things that make me happy:

I am still quite in love with my Senseo coffee maker. Not that I drink all that much coffee these days, but it is a wonderful little machine and you can’t beat getting it for free.

Things that make me happy (by jeninmaine)

What I like to add to my coffee, and the silly little chipped cup I found at Goodwill for fifty cents. I love this cup, and I love the retro sugar bowl that belonged to one of our grandparents, I don’t remember which any more.

No, I don’t add butter to my coffee…that just happened to be there.

Things that make me happy (by jeninmaine)

Today I had a slight blockage.

A slight blockage (by jeninmaine)

Tell me just how I’m supposed to work?

Tashi really likes my halogen desk lamp. Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in kittehs!

A slightly different perspective to illustrate just how soft and round the blockage is.

A slight blockage (by jeninmaine)

Last but not least, here’s one of the ornaments I was working on that never got given out at xmas. Oh well, maybe next year, I was too busy baking.

Star ornament (by jeninmaine)

I made this from recycled corduroy from a pair of pants I found at the thrift store.

I used a star cookie cutter as the pattern, did a quick blanket stitch around the outsides, stuffed with recycled wool (actually the wool fuzz I collected from the lint trap after felting a bunch of wool sweaters), then embellished with some beads.



1. Eryn - December 30, 2007

How long did kitteh stay curled up on your mousepad? Did you ever get any work done?

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