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Kidlet Crafts! January 31, 2008

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In much more interesting kidlet crafting news, my friend Kerry has talked a bunch about Perler Beads, something I had seen in passing but didn’t really know much about. Apparently her four oldest children are nuts about the things so I looked them up and got a couple of sampler kits for the kidlet to try, thinking if he really liked them I could invest in a larger assortment.

They’re not only made in the US but they’re very affordable – I found a website that has a great selection of individually packaged kits that run between $2-$2.50 and then this website also offers Classroom Kits that have a lot of great stuff in them for $16 or $18. I do wonder about the effects of heating the “food-safe plastic” with an iron and of course the overall impact on the environment should they be thrown away, but overall they seem like a fairly safe and decent craft supply for kids.

Anyway, kidlet loved the durned things. My order arrived in the mail last night (pretty speedy as I placed the order Saturday night) and he was so excited when I pulled out the three packs I had gotten for him – Puppy Pal, Bug Buddies, and Fishy Wishy. We decided on the puppy and got set up on the dining room table.

This is rated for kids 5+ and they actually make larger beads for younger children, but kidlet had no trouble at all manipulating the standard size beads. I do think I might get him a pair of plastic tweezers to help him place them on the pegboard. without knocking other ones over. It was fascinating watching him concentrate so hard on picking out the right color beads and then carefully placing them on the pegboard one by one.

Here’s some photo overkill:

Kidlet crafting with Perler Beads (by jeninmaine)

He picked out the eyeball bowl for holding the beads while he worked on his project.

I tried to help him by separating the yellow from the orange and he got so irritated with me, saying, “Mommy, I KNOW which ones are yellow and which ones are orange!” And he did. I guess he showed me!

Kidlet crafting with Perler Beads (by jeninmaine)

Kidlet crafting with Perler Beads (by jeninmaine)

Aww, cute kidlet mugging for the camera…

…wait a minute, there’s no baby left, there’s just little boy! Where did Baby Michael go? Wah!

Kidlet crafting with Perler Beads (by jeninmaine)

Proudly displaying the fruits of his labor along with a cheesy grin and monkey finger puppet given to him by a coworker at my baby shower.

Kidlet crafting with Perler Beads (by jeninmaine)

I really like our front windowsill. It gets great light.

My son picked me a teensy daisy back in late summer and was in a bunch of other flowers I put in a vase of water. All of the other flowers eventually wilted and died, but this hardy little thing sprouted roots and is doing great, even in the middle of January! I find it inspiring.

I also like the little pile of rocks – kidlet put them there the other day and we haven’t moved them. I like leaving his little altars where he places them, I think it gives him more of a sense of belonging as he is able to create his “own” spaces in our home together.

(I also have to admit being able to see a bare patch of grass is exciting to me even though we’re supposed to get another storm tomorrow.)

And now, your moment of Zen…

Windowsill (by jeninmaine)



1. Sarah - February 5, 2008

ooh, I loved playing with those when I was younger! (I’m now almost 23) Some toys/activites never grow old.

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