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I actually finished something! June 2, 2008

Posted by jeninmaine in spinning.
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I forced myself to use the Louet last night, and honestly I’m glad I did! I told myself I need to finish off the roving I started on it so I can have the bobbins cleared off in preparation for when my Ladybug finally arrives. I spun up the remaining two ounces or so of roving I had in my basket and then plied what I could – it got easier to spin as I went, I guess I’m getting the knack of the “wobbly” orifice.

The biggest and best discovery, however, was while plying – forever I’ve been using the slowest whorl without really thinking about it, but on a lark I tried putting the drive band on the highest speed and whoa, nelly, did that thing move! I got so used to using the same whorl all the time with the Ashford (and honestly not really knowing better) that I never thought there was a difference. Well, let me tell you – there is most certainly a difference.

Here’s what I accomplished on the bobbin (plying hides many sins):

Plied yarn on bobbin

I still have a little bit of single ply left on one bobbin to contend with, sigh:

Spun single

Here it is wound into a skein:

Plied handspun yarn

And of course the obligatory cheesecake shot (as creative cropping hides many sins, as well):

Plied handspun yarn

The purple roving is from an eBay seller, I bought three rovings from her last Autumn and haven’t seen anything from her since.Β  It’s too bad, I liked her stuff so I guess I’ll just keep stalking her.

I have a couple of things in my “to do now” basket that I’m looking forward to digging into hopefully this week. I suppose I have made my peace with the Louet after all. As it turns out using a good chair makes a world of difference.

Fiber basket

I am horrendously antsy for that Schacht Ladybug to come in – it’s only the first day of June and I am antsy, antsy, antsy. With my job going away I feel like I’m sitting on a goldmine with all the yarn and fiber I have to dye and spin to sell, just at the moment with the full-time job responsibilties on top of the daily bebeh care my hands are tied and it’s maddeningly frustrating.



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