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Spinning and my new yarn model June 4, 2008

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I took a photo of my current setup to give you an idea where I spend all day and a good part of my night…

Current setup

I never realized what a mess all those cords are, I should cinch them up or something. On the other hand I never see them so what difference does it make, really. Anyway those two monitors are hooked to my work computer and my home computer (behind the chair), they’re on a switch so I can switch from one to the other by hitting the Control key twice on my keyboard. Pretty sweet. You can see the edge of the guest bed on the left side, and also in the room are the rocker seat, the floor gym and the neglectomatic (swing) for teh baby. During the day we pretty much rotate around the equipment and she naps either on the guest bed or downstairs in my bed, and I’ll often be sitting at my desk working while nursing her.

For the times teh bebeh simply can’t be ignored I’ll either play with her or I’ll put her in the swing and spin while talking to her. She really loves to be sung to so we’ll take a break and spend time doing that for a while each day. Today I was even able to hold her in my lap facing the spinning wheel while I spun, she seemed very interested watching the shuttle go round and round. You can also see my swift clamped to my desk and a bit of knitting that I’ll pick up while waiting for processes to run. I don’t like to have idle hands :)

I have discovered, however, that trying to work full-time and care for a baby full-time is a very difficult thing to do. Some days (nights) I’ll be up until the wee hours catching up on things I wasn’t able to complete during work hours due to teh bebeh needing me. It’s the nature of the beast, I suppose, but I really don’t want to put her in daycare for eight weeks and so far I’m managing. Some weeks it feels like one huge workday, especially if I’m up until 3am and then catch a quick catnap on the guest bed before getting up and doing it all again. No wonder I sleep so much on the weekends (when I’m not working). It really sucks but I keep telling myself it’s not forever, only two more months and then I’ll be free to spend the day playing with Margaret all I want. I’m discovering a lot of things about myself as a mother and about Margaret as a baby, but I’ll discuss those in another entry when I have more time to elaborate. To sum up I feel that I am growing and it’s a really good thing.

I’ll close with some crafty news.

I’ve been burning some major midnight oil to squeeze in “me time” while teh bebeh (and the rest of the household) is sleeping. Exhausted though I may be, it feels good to get something done that I actually care about (as opposed to work, though I do care about getting paid).

In that office pic there’s a basket of roving torn into slivers waiting to be spun. Here it is, spun up…I was surprised how much it compressed down, quite a lot!

Brownish single

I put that aside and tore up the orangey roving I’m planning to ply with it, I think. It’s so fluffy! (The brown and orange roving is from handpaintedyarn.com, I love their stuff!

Much more to do

Last but not least, I made Margaret pose with my yarn. You’re never too young to start your fiber education!

Teh bebeh is the Gerber Baby of handspun!

My winsome yarn model

My winsome yarn model

*sniff sniff* hmm…

My winsome yarn model


My winsome yarn model



1. Penny - September 23, 2008

Crap! You made my ovaries asplode with cuteness! Might as well make the best of it….hollandaise and angel food cake, coming up!

2. Yarn - June 20, 2008

what a sweety baby.
i kiss!

3. Trisha - June 9, 2008

I stumbeled upon your blog while nursing my little one. Your yarn is quite beautiful. I love the pictures of your babe and the yarn-such a better tactile experience than something plastic.
Very fun.
By the way I’m glad to see that my brain isn’t the only one that naturally spells the ‘teh’
Blessings on you and your baby.

4. trillian42 - June 4, 2008

Good heavens she’s adorable!!! I love that first picture of her – I swear she’s saying “And what do you want me to do with this?”

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