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Spin spin spin! July 7, 2008

Posted by jeninmaine in spinning.
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I’ve been drowning in work – three and a half more weeks and then I’m free!

Even better news: The Ladybug is here! I was finally able to make time to pick it up from the Portland Fiber Gallery and it is awesome. Photos of it soon. I am in love with it and with its tensioned Lazy Kate (which Melodi gave to me as a baby gift, she is just the best!) Love love love this wheel!

Even with work I’ve been managing to spin…I’ve been working out the kinks and getting used to the new wheel, it’s been a learning experience. First is the last yarn I spun and plied on the Louet:

Handspun two-ply yarn

I’m not super happy with how the plies came out, again, the Louet and I had a tenuous relationship. This is a really big hank of yarn, I haven’t measured it yet but it’s about the size of a canteloupe.

Handspun two-ply yarn

Handspun two-ply yarn

Handspun two-ply yarn

These two skeins I spun up on the Ladybug. I think they’re kind of fug but I intentionally used contrasting colors so I could really see my plies. I’m trying to get a nice tight ply without it being twisty and unbalanced. I think I may be growing out of the two-ply stage and I’m thinking about giving three-ply a try, or even (gasp) Navajo plying which I haven’t been brave enough to attempt yet.

Handspun two-ply yarn

Another big hank, about the size of the orange one, maybe a little heavier.

Handspun two-ply yarn

It wasn’t until I spun this smaller hank that I’ve started feeling like I’m getting the hang of the Scotch tension and getting the right amount of twist in my plies. I still think my singles are too twisty to start with.

Handspun two-ply yarn

Handspun two-ply yarn

Overall, though, the Ladybug is a very fun wheel. It moves like lightning and I have been extremely happy with how easily it treadles. The Louet felt like a ton of work so this is nearly effortless in comparison. Since I can’t seem to spin anything heavier than sport weight the bobbins do me fine for the moment. I really want to practice spinning thicker yarn, I think I just need to slow down a lot.



1. Susan - July 8, 2008

Congratulations new Ladybug owner you!

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