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I can has inter-dimensional bridge? September 21, 2008

Posted by jeninmaine in bebeh, dyeing, knitting, spinning.
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I used my hand cards for the first time, carded up some curls of something or another, it spun up pretty even though it was a PITA and I didn’t like the way it felt. I plied it and that looked nice, too, though toward the end it got all kinked up and I just said the hell with it and tossed a whole knotted portion of it out. Not a fun spin. I feel a lot more confident carding rolags, though. I want to make a ton of them and keep them in a big basket.

I also made my first batt on Joy’s drum carder – wow, what fun! Super easy, too. I made one fugly batt out of random stuff (though she assures me it’ll look a lot better after being pulled into roving and then spun up) and another out of some red and orange roving I got from Joy’s wool supplier. I’m pretty proud of that one, it looks awesome and I plan to make a few more to bring home if I don’t spin them this week. Now I want a drum carder. Not likely I’ll get one any time soon unless I chance upon a used one at an antique store or something. No big deal, I can use the hand cards even though they’re slower. Or, I just remembered, Melodi at the fiber gallery did say I could drop in and use one of their drum carders any time – I should plan one day to go and bring as much fiber with me as I can.

Joy has two huge bags stuffed to overflowing with raw Jacob fleece that she’s been too overwhelmed to deal with – I know the feeling, I have a bag of raw fleece of my own sitting at home. It’s really soft stuff and the colors are amazing, so I’ve suggested that she and I take an evening or two to sit out on her deck and pick a couple of pounds of it just to get some momentum. We’ll prep most of it to go to the processor though I also thought we should try our hand at washing a bit, too, since I’ve never tried that. Doing it with someone else makes it feel a lot more doable, if that makes sense. Alone I’d never tackle such a thing but since I’m here with Joy I feel motivated to try.

We also got some cute string lights and paper lanterns to decorate Joy’s fiber studio, and later this week I want to sew her some cutie curtains for the window. I bought some rayon thread on which I plan to string seed beads and ply with something. I’m working on a couple of knitting projects. I plan to card a whole lot more roving. And spin. And make things with paper. I feel very inspired being here and it’s only Day 3.

I can has inter-dimensional bridge between Maine and Montana?



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