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As the yarn turns. December 3, 2008

Posted by jeninmaine in spinning.
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I soaked, thwacked and twist set that pink one-ply. It came out a lot fluffier and I’m not really sure I like it as it’s over spun just about everywhere. I guess I could call it an energized art yarn ;)

Pink one-ply

Pink one-ply

Then, there was kind of a fiasco with that (expensive!) Creatively Dyed fiber I spun up – I got the 7-odd ounces to fit on my bobbin, just barely. Then I wound it off into a cake so I could make it into two-ply, only it got hopelessly tangled multiple times where it was coming out of the center of the cake. Craaaaap. I guess seacell likes to stick to itself because it was a mess.

I untangled the first two or three train wrecks but quickly realized that I was going to destroy all that work if I didn’t change my plan. So I tucked in the mess, tossed it in a bowl and Navajo plied it from the outside strand.

This is the second time I’ve Navajo plied anything substantial and I got better at it as I went. I think this came out okay – it was a major bummer practicing a skill like this on something that cost me so much money but, oh well, live and learn.

Seacell wool yarn

Seacell wool yarn

To keep in the groove (since it’s so easy for me to get distracted and summarily disinterested) I immediately started in on some Shetland top I got from a UK eBay seller. It’s somewhat rougher than super-soft merino but the staple length is huge so I can pretty much go on auto-pilot while spinning it. It’s great for practicing long draw drafting, which incidentally goes a LOT faster than what I’ve been doing.

I think I like the idea of spinning sturdier yarns, ones that can be used for durable outerwear and won’t pill to high heaven as 100% merino tends to do. People love how soft merino is and the yarn is gorgeous, but no one thinks of what happens to the yarn after it’s knitted up into a garment and actually used. So, yeah, I guess I’m trending toward utility rather than skein attractiveness at the moment. Pictures when I’ve got em.



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