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Happy Birthday Mim! February 17, 2009

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Today is Mim’s first birthday! We already had a really casual party on Sunday at the local Chinese place, I mean she doesn’t know what’s going on so it’s not like I had to plan anything elaborate this year. Also the folks at the Chinese place love my kids, seriously love them.

Mim’s pretty party shoes! Which stayed on all of 1.5 seconds before she kicked them off.

Mim turns one!

I made banana cake with buttercream frosting – I freakin’ LOVE buttercream frosting, the kind made with real butter and vanilla. I used to detest making it before I got a mixer, now it’s so easy. Mmm frosting. I’m drooling just thinking about it. I was originally going to use a banana bread recipe and just make them into cake shapes but of course I didn’t start baking until mid-morning on Sunday (we were meeting at noon) so the 55-60 minute baking time gave me pause…until I found a banana cake recipe with the same ingredients, just more flour and milk, that only took 25-30 minutes. Sold! I ended up using Pyrex storage bowls for baking pans, two medium round ones for most of the batter and one small one-cup sized for Mim’s personal cake. They were yummy.

Mim turns one!

Her little cake had a smiley face in it!

Mim turns one!

Mim’s Signature Look.

Mim turns one!

Time for cake!

Mim turns one!

First up – testing the buttercream frosting.

Mim turns one!


Mim turns one!


Mim turns one!

Yeah, that’s good, let’s have some more of that.

Mim turns one!

Once all the frosting was licked off, the cake itself wasn’t too shabby

Mim turns one!

Here, have a Happy Birthday smack.

Mim turns one!



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