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Some little things. March 30, 2009

Posted by jeninmaine in Crafty, Etsy, spinning.

I’ve managed a little spinning the past couple of days, just here and there. I broke down and bought a new niddy noddy when I was last at the fiber gallery a couple of weeks ago because I still can’t find the one that’s MIA. How does someone lose something like that? I am talented.

I finally finished spinning up some superwash Blue-Faced Leicester roving from theytoldmesew I’ve had sitting on the bobbin for a long, long time and Navajo plied it. I’ll take better pictures tomorrow when I’ve got some natural light to work with.

theytoldmesew roving

I also spun up some Knit Witch (review is forthcoming) superwash merino roving in a thicker slubby single and plied it into two-ply.

Darth amongst the fiber buns.

Knit Witch single

It’s funny how roving looks so different from braid (or bump) to drafted to single to plied – I literally waffled from loving to hating to loving the Knit Witch roving while I was working with it. It’s a gorgeous fiber dyed in reds, yellows and oranges, wonderfully soft and beautiful in the braid, but when I had the single spun up I didn’t like the contrast in the colors at all. It looked too red and too yellow at once to me. I decided on a two-ply so that it would blend the colors rather than sequential bands of color when Navajo plied and it was the right choice – the resulting yarn is a nice combination and the hank is an overall warm orangey red. I’ll post photos of the plied yarn when I’ve got them. Hopefully soon I’ll spin a true three-ply using three different singles. I’m not sure how I’ll accomplish this, maybe I’ll have to weigh out equal portions of the same roving. Or maybe I’ll use white roving so I don’t have to measure anything.

Next up: This lovely roving from my friend yarnaholic on Ravelry. She was curious about dyeing so I badgered her into trying it, and this was one of her first attempts using Easter egg dye! Isn’t it gorgeous? I have no idea how it’s going to want to be spun up, I can’t wait to find out!

Yarnaholic roving

What I need to do is get dyeing again. I’ve got that table set up and pretty much ready to go – I’ve been skeining some yarn blanks and have weighed out a few bumps of fiber but I really need to get on the ball and measure out a whole mess of them. I even procured some new bins to hold everything. Time, time, time – is just not on my side right now.

Darth, alone.



1. Knit Witch - March 31, 2009

Very cool! I love how it looks in your roving cakes! I agree with you though – I would definitely 2-ply it. It will be interesting to see the post-plying pictures!

jeninmaine - March 31, 2009

It does look very different plied – I’ll post some pics today, stay tuned! :D

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