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New Yarnz March 31, 2009

Posted by jeninmaine in Crafty, Etsy, spinning.
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Here’s the Knit Witch roving done up and made pretty for the camera:

Superwash merino two-ply yarn

handspun worsted to chunky weight
100% superwash merino | machine/hand wash
3.6 ounces | 11 wpi | 228 yards
(No name yet)

Superwash merino two-ply yarn

This skein hasn’t been washed or thwacked yet, and already it’s balanced. I’m very pleased about that – I tend to choke up while plying and really twist the heck out of it and end up with, to put it nicely, an “energized” yarn. With this bundle of roving I made a conscious decision NOT to try and get it thin-thin-thin and perfect and NOT to overspin it. There’s a few small bits that are thin but overall I tried to just enjoy the sensation of roving through my fingers. When plying I did the same thing – a conscious effort NOT to ply it as much as I thought it needed to be plied, which is always too much because I’m too much of a high-strung perfectionist worrywart. It was hard to do, I felt like I was working against my innate desires. I’m super happy with the result, though. I could see myself knitting with this yarn, it’s very fluffy and lofty, it’ll be nice and warm.

Superwash merino two-ply yarn

This isn’t even all of the roving as I broke a ply toward the end so I’ve got just under half an ounce of single sitting in a bowl. I figure I’ll ply that up as a skeinlet later. Still, 228 yards isn’t too shabby.



1. val - April 3, 2009

Hi Jen – Ive just looked through all of your posts! yep right back to 2007 – it was hard to stop as all the fibre shots were very addictive :) i have always wanted to buy a ladybug – but i have my suzie majacraft and would feel guilty having 2 wheels – so looking at yours will have to do for me :) you have a great blog – ok ciao.

jeninmaine - April 20, 2009

Hi Val! Thanks for the nice comments. I’ve wondered about the Majacraft wheels as I’ve never had the opportunity to try one. The Ladybug ended up being pretty much perfect for me – small so it’s easy to stash out of the way of curious kids, light, cute, and very fast. Oh, and not prohibitively expensive. That counts for a lot! :D

2. Article directory - April 1, 2009

I could see myself knitting with this yarn, it’s very fluffy and lofty, it’ll be nice and warm.

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