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Organizing, part infinity May 12, 2009

Posted by jeninmaine in Crafty, sewing.

I’ve been so antsy the past few days. I have all these ideas swirling around in my head, they’re driving me mad! They’re all craft projects, of course – all the things I want to work on but don’t have the time and/or energy to do them. It’s tough being a creative, I feel like I am constantly conflicted.

I’ve had a couple of specific ideas in mind the past few weeks, all sewing, and I’ve collected a few new fat quarters and half yards from the LYS-also-LQS which until now I’ve just stashed in a pile. Yesterday I gathered them up and tossed them in the wash. I know, now, why it’s better to just buy full yards of fabric rather than fat quarters – there are less strings to pull off of the edges. Ugh, what a PITA.

Anyway I had this Big Idea to chip away at a simple project over the course of the day, only I couldn’t find my iron anywhere. Anywhere. I spent an obscene amount of time looking for the damned thing, all of the usual spots and a few unusual ones just for good measure. I still have no idea where it is. I think it’s here in my craft room but it’s such a friggin mess that I can’t unearth it.

Today I went out and bought a new iron. I realize just how pathetic it is to resort to buying something because you simply can’t find the old one, but in my defense I’ve been wanting a new iron for a long time – the one I have (somewhere) is over 15 years old and every time I use it I curse it and think to myself, “I really need a new iron. Oh well, this one still works.” I was telling Joy that I guarantee the stupid thing will show up within the next day or two, now that I’ve replaced it.

(The new iron is awesome. :)

I ironed my prewashed fabric and it’s ready to go, only I couldn’t really get to my sewing machine with the huge mess all around it. I decided to pull out all the fabric I could find and finally get it put away in the cabinet in the living room that I bought months ago just for this very purpose. I didn’t get all my fabric, but I got the bulk of the nicer stuff. I know I have a huge cache of crappy fabric and not-so-nice fabric in the craft room and in the loft up in the barn. I’ve set myself a goal – my fabric stash will not exceed the capacity of the cabinet, and if it does I need to get rid of some of it. I’ve already decided that life is too short to sew ugly fabric so I’m going to be purging a whole bunch of stuff that’s not up to snuff.

In the process of unearthing fabric I also consoldiated a whole bunch of random stuff that’s been piled all over the place and tucked into corners. I have a tendency to pick up office supplies on clearance at Office Max only right now I don’t have the space on my desk to actually use it. I put all of that together in one bin that formerly held fabric. I filled a couple of bins with yarn and separated some of my fiber stash from my yarn stash. Ugh. Yarn’s another thing – I’m going to have to cull the herd sometime soon because my stash is quickly approaching SABLE – Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy. I found a whole mess of spinning and knitting bits and bobs that I threw into another bin, I’ll sort through all of it later once I’ve gone through the whole room and organized it.

I did find a really cute clock I bought before xmas for my craft room, I can’t wait to put it up:

When I was buying my new iron today I came across a couple of these 2-1/2 gallon Montana jars on clearance that I had to have. I’m not sure what to put in them yet. I might just use them to display some of my prettiest yarns, or store fiber, or artsy odds and ends, not sure yet. What I do know is that they are made of awesome!

You know you covet my jars.

While I didn’t get to any actual sewing tonight, I do feel that I managed to accomplish quite a bit and I’m happy about it. I cleared a bunch of floor space in my craft room and I can put my hands on a lot of stuff that I had forgotten where it was stashed There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s my cabinet now – I think it looks kind of pretty with all the fabric folded neatly inside of it. I have a load in the dryer that I’ll be adding to this once it’s done. It’s funny – it doesn’t look like all that much when it’s organized like that, but I emptied three good sized bins tonight. On the bottom shelf I have one bin of fabric scraps, which I’ll probably use for making buttons, and another bin with some small self-contained projects I’ve worked on and subsequently forgotten. Damn my short attention span. Anyway, having everything where I can see it is going to be really helpful – I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to pick things up and finish them. Fingers crossed!

Small victory

You can see our nerdy setup with the computer hooked to the television for streaming movies :) Michael just set up a stereo receiver there, too, and ran speaker wires to other rooms in the house. The other day I was messing around with him and changed the station to Christian rock, then slowly turned the volume up little by little.

Well, it’s late. Hopefully I’ll actually get something sewn tomorrow!



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