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About Jen

Waxing mishapThis is the day the nice waxing lady tore off my forehead.

I’m Jen, an adoring mom to my 5-year old superhero son, my tricksy bebeh daughter, and nagging fishwife to my Zen-like calm and ever-patient husband.

We live in Maine, quite obviously. At my day job I’m a web developer which means I do a bit of programming and a bit of design and a lot of typing. In my head, however, I’m eternally making things. If I only had the time to just sit and create all day long! For the time being having an income is too handy so it’s the daily grind for me!


(In my wildest dreams I’m a knitting pirate.)

Mim's jumper

Bag - first attempt

Chinese Takeout bib


Chevron scarf WIP

Seacell wool yarn - take 2

Final tally

Strawberry Jam



1. MamaShawnananana - April 23, 2008

Hey you! Do you think that (of course in all of your spare time HA!) you might consider making two YouTube videos of two (what should be extremely easy concepts) directions of knitting in the round (with the magic loop even though it doesn’t rock you world) and also a clear view of the purl stitch> I will gie you my last born child….. oh wait they were triplets…. do you want ’em? LOL! I wnat to be with the in crowd so bad and there are always these little stumbeling blocks of very simple things that just refuse – REFUSE to “click” in my head! I am looking to my knitting Goddess for this resource (yes -you!). I am trying to think of something I could offer you in return… but you sre such a freak of nature of domesticity as well as intellect, I am at a loss! …OH! I do have a rockin’ Rhubarb sweet bread recipe I could make and send! Get back to me will ya, my sweet friend. Also, if you by chance have any copy of a photo of the fam incuding Margret, I really need one for my fridge as it has been two years since I have had any member of the Jen/Michael clan to show off to my family. Sorry for the long drawn out drivel, I would actually love to chat for a sec. If that is something you are comfortable with I will send you my phone # via private note. K? Really do love you Jen, Shawna OH! Check out my Myspace if you have a moment.. the URL is below.

2. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


3. Bevin - December 24, 2007

Hi Jen,
Bevinne here – thot I’d take a look and read up on you here and there! :)
Talk to you later!

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