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A few little thingamabobs. December 29, 2007

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Things that make me happy:

I am still quite in love with my Senseo coffee maker. Not that I drink all that much coffee these days, but it is a wonderful little machine and you can’t beat getting it for free.

Things that make me happy (by jeninmaine)

What I like to add to my coffee, and the silly little chipped cup I found at Goodwill for fifty cents. I love this cup, and I love the retro sugar bowl that belonged to one of our grandparents, I don’t remember which any more.

No, I don’t add butter to my coffee…that just happened to be there.

Things that make me happy (by jeninmaine)

Today I had a slight blockage.

A slight blockage (by jeninmaine)

Tell me just how I’m supposed to work?

Tashi really likes my halogen desk lamp. Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in kittehs!

A slightly different perspective to illustrate just how soft and round the blockage is.

A slight blockage (by jeninmaine)

Last but not least, here’s one of the ornaments I was working on that never got given out at xmas. Oh well, maybe next year, I was too busy baking.

Star ornament (by jeninmaine)

I made this from recycled corduroy from a pair of pants I found at the thrift store.

I used a star cookie cutter as the pattern, did a quick blanket stitch around the outsides, stuffed with recycled wool (actually the wool fuzz I collected from the lint trap after felting a bunch of wool sweaters), then embellished with some beads.


And so it begins… December 24, 2007

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I already have a LiveJournal where I pretty much post anything and everything all mixed together, so if you’re a friend who wants to peer into my Real Life(tm) you have to sift through all the omg-look-what-I-made content, and those who want to see what I’m working on have to read about my kid and my house and my job.

It’s kind of messy.

Therefore I have decided to branch out and get a crafty blog that will stand all by itself, where I’ll chronicle the things I’ve been doing in my scads and scads of spare time (ha, sarcasm). All the cool kids seem to be doing it and I want to be a cool kid, too!

I also thought it would be a nice thing to link from my Etsy shop earthybirthymama.etsy.com as it’ll be more specific.

I’ll still be posting all the content fit to print at my LiveJournal as I have a lot of friends there and I like the format. Just trying something new for the new year!

I welcome your comments and I also welcome blog links!

Rock on,
– Jen, crafty programmer mama