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Ladybug, Ladybug, fly into my home! April 18, 2008

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Today I stopped by the Portland Fiber Gallery as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t behind on my wheel rental payments. While I was there the girl said, “We have the Ladybug in, would you like to try it?” I had received their shop email telling me about this new wheel and said “Sure!” I sat down with teh bebeh still strapped to my chest and gave it a try. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the Scotch tension and get things moving in the right direction but…

oh. mah. gah. I have found the wheel of my dreams.

This thing is AWESOME. It is so friggin smooth and powerful, I was spinning nearly perfect singles after not having picked up any fleece in two months and it was fast, fast, fast. The treadling was effortless, it was the perfect height, and made hardly any noise at all. It almost looks like a toy with its bright red plastic wheel but I have to say that I was completely blown away by the thing. I think it helps that I had been wrangling with the Louet’s high-speed flyer and not liking how far off the ground the treadles are as I could no longer sit on the couch and use it, but I even liked the Ladybug more than the Ashford Traditional I had fallen in love with previously. I must have this wheel. I must. I could spin at least five times faster and more evenly than I did when I was at the top of my beginner spinning game.

So yes, I am in love. I’ve sent an email to Melodi letting her know how much I loved the wheel and asking about payment plans. The wheel itself is $550 and I’d want to get the attached tensioned Lazy Kate (that holds four bobbins!) for an additional $35 to start, though I’m sure I’ll want more bobbins as time goes on. I’ve paid about $170 in rental fees since I started last year so that should go toward purchasing this wheel, so maybe she’ll let me pay $100 a month or something like that? Keeping my fingers crossed!

I had an exciting afternoon :)


When lacking content, post yarn pr0n. March 28, 2008

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Here’s some yarn pr0n. I’d ordered sock yarn from Joy and today I got a lovely package of love in the mail! I am totally blown away, this stuff is so gorgeous, even better than the photos. Love love love it! Thank you so much, Joy, you talented scamp! I cannot wait to make gorgeous socks out of it.

Fabulosity Sockins Sock Yarn

Fabulosity Sockins Sock Yarn

Fabulosity Sockins Sock Yarn

Are you jealous? Huh? Yeah, you should be.