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Yarn looks so much better with an SLR. April 18, 2008

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But oh! OH! Guess what? I GOT MY LENS BACK!

*happy dance happy dance*

I am so so so so SO happy to have my Nikon back. I’ve already taken about a billion pictures with it and it is so much better than that crappy loaner I’ve been using. I kiss you, SLR camera. I kiss you and hug you and will not leave you anywhere you can get knocked down ever again, I promise. I missed you so much!

(But just in case I’ll extend that warranty to five years, mmhmm.)

Oh how I have missed you, macro lens.
Macro, how I have missed thee.

Before I forget, here are some photos of that yellow-orange skein I dyed *gasp* a week ago. I need to get back on the horse, all that work duh-rama distracted me!

Hand-dyed yarn

Hand-dyed yarn


Camera update. March 26, 2008

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I got a loaner camera from Ritz as apparently it will take six to eight WEEKS to get my repaired lens, or a replacement, back. Good lord. I told the woman on the phone, “I have a newborn, she’s going to be completely different in eight weeks!” They were very nice about it all, however, and promised to try and put a rush on the lens and in the meantime loaned me a camera.

I don’t like it, though. It’s kind of crappy. It’s digital and apparently 6mpx, but it didn’t come with an on-board flash and they didn’t send a kit. It also takes AA batteries, four of em. It also-also lets you use the screen or the viewfinder, but both use digital images instead of a regular viewfinder that’s just a piece of glass. It’s really annoying as there’s a delay between reality and the photo being taken, and it’s slow to respond so I can’t take multiple photos one after the other, I have to wait for each one to save and it takes about 1.5 seconds. Still, I’ll admit it’s better than having no camera at all (or a camera with no lens). I wish we could afford to just buy another lens like the 55-200mm but at $225 it just isn’t to be. For now I’ll cope with CrappyCam.

And I just discovered that the cable I have for my camera won’t fit this one, so there’s no way to get my photos off of it. I guess I could try putting my card (thankfully they take the same one) into my Nikon sans lens and removing the files from there. Sigh.