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Stuff and things. March 30, 2009

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I’ve made a couple more baby blanket squares. The directive was No Pink, so I’ve had to make do with derivatives of blues and greens.

Blanket squares

1. Intarsia heart – my first complete intarsia project. It wasn’t all that difficult once I got the hang of it, but all those separate bits of yarn – eugh, so not worth it. I still haven’t run the ends in yet and I am not looking forward to it. It’s cute, anyway.

2. Just another patterned square. Still loving the hell out of that Dream in Color Classy. Yarn love.

While we’re on the topic of crafty things, look what I got the other day…


Whatever could be in this big box? I didn’t order any medical supplies.


Fiber! This is 22# of roving, tightly banded together. I’m afraid of cutting that band to let it free. Joy is egging me to do it. I’m skeered!

Proof I’m not completely hopeless:

Proof I'm not a total screw-up.

I baked yeast bread! I probably should have kneaded it more, but it still tasted good.


Knittin’ March 12, 2009

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Got some pictures.

First, I knitted a square for a baby blanket. I am in LOVE with Dream in Color Classy – it looks so nice knitted up and it’s superwash. I think I’m going to stock up on this stuff whenever I see it on sale, it’s just so great!

Pattern: Crystal Sparkle (minus the beads) from 200 Knitted Blocks
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, superwash worsted weight, color 150 Happy Forest

Baby blanket square

Cheesecake shot!

Baby blanket square

I’ve started a second one in intarsia, not sure if I like it yet – once I have progress pics I’ll post em.

Thank you to Kemma for the book recommendation, it’s been perfect for baby blankets!

I’m also getting there with the cardigan for Mim. I spent most of our D&D session last weekend running in ends, there were a billion of them. I hate running in ends but I was able to do it mindlessly while playing so I hardly noticed it. I think I’ll use this strategy, save my end-running for game night from now on!

I mucked up the edges down at the bottom front corners – oh well, I think a lot of it will block out and it won’t matter because Mim’s going to be so cute in it anyway no one will notice. All I have left is to finish that second sleeve, then do the attached i-cord for the neck and ties. It’s going to be huge on her (it’s the 12-18 month size) but it is so cute! She can wear it this Spring and into next Autumn.

Pattern: Tulip Baby Cardigan by Dream in Color
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, superwash worsted weight, colors 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180

Tulip Cardigan

Tulip Cardigan

It worked up so fast I’m seriously considering putting one on my list in boy colors and watch the sales.

My next project once this is done (and hopefully a couple of other mid-sized projects and a few more baby blanket squares) is Fern, a child’s coat from the book Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines:

I’m hoping if I start it now I’ll have it done in time for Autumn. It’s all fingering weight wool on 2s and 3s, though, so it’s going to take a while.

Munchie is on the table where she should not be. However she is so cute I don’t have the heart to shoo her off.

Naughty kitty!

Some actual progress. February 23, 2009

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It’s been a LONG TIME since I wrote about anything crafty, namely because the past month or so has been a big steaming pile of suck when it comes to free time. With the dog being sick and dying, the kids being sick (though thankfully not dying), me being sick…I’ve had to do so much catch-up with work that there has literally been no time to do much of anything. Housework has fallen by the wayside and now that everyone is better we’re still trying to get caught up.

Anyway I have managed to do a little here and there – no spinning, sadly, and only a wee but of dyeing of things I owed to people – mostly knitting. First I wanted to make something for myself, so I knitted a cowl out of the handspun I fell in love with and bought from Joy. I was trying to think of something useful yet simple to show off the colors in the yarn. I really like it.

I like how the colors are different depending on which side you’re looking at.
Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

I plan to take the remaining 15 yards or so and rig some sort of cord so I can cinch it into a slouchy hat.
Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

Cowl for me from Fabulosity handspun

I look like pan-fried ass in these pics because this was the day before I relented and went to the doc for strep.

Second I told myself I must finish at least one thing that I had sitting in my WIP pile so I did that, I finished knitting the Entrelac Scarf I started back when kidlet was a baby. I need to run in the ends and block it so photos will be forthcoming.

Thirdly I had all this Dream in Color Classy I bought the middle of last year so I could make a Tulips Cardigan for Mim, only once I had it in my hot little hands I got all intimidated and put it away.

DiC Classy: to be Tulips Sweater

I found it while cleaning up and said to myself, “Self, you really need to get over this and knit the damned thing before she’s too big to wear it.” The pattern goes up to 6 years old, but I wouldn’t put it past me. So I bit the bullet, caked all the yarn and jumped in with both feet.

Tulips Sweater for Mim

Tulips Sweater for Mim

Surprisingly and to my joy this is a very easy and quick knit! I don’t know why I was so cowed by the idea of making it but so far I am really loving it. I’m nearly done with the body and I doubt the arms will take all that long to finish, the only thing I’ve never done before is the applied i-cord that goes around the neckline. I love this yarn and plan to make a matching hat. And just imagine, I may actually have it done so that Mim can wear it this Spring! What a concept.

Review: Sonny & Shear April 15, 2008

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Sonny and Shear

Who: Kris, Dana, and Anna Grace Haukoos
Online: Sonny & Shear
Tagline: The I Got Ewe, Babe Yarn Shop
URL: http://www.sonnyandshear.com

There are some really gorgeous indie yarns out there that I have been drooling over forever and a day. I peek into other peoples’ ravelry stashes and think, “Where do they get their wonderful toys?”

I had heard a lot of talk about the greatness of Dream In Color Smooshy, so one day when I saw an ad for Smooshy being offered by Sonny and Shear, I decided to go for it. I visited their site and it took a couple of minutes to get oriented with where things were, mostly because I wasn’t familiar with all the different names for the different yarns I was looking at (the “lingo”, I suppose). After some surfing around and gazing at many lovely photos of yarn I found what I was looking for and a little more.

I selected a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy in the color Giant Peach, a skein of Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock in Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (most apropos), and a skein of Zen Yarn Garden Merino/Tencel in Pretty in Pink. The website has great photos including really big closeups, which I like as it makes it easy to really see what you’re paying for.

My order was over $50 so shipping was free, a major selling point in my opinion when it comes to online shopping. I placed my order after 10pm on February 5th and on February 7th I got an email that my order had shipped. On February 11th my package arrived, and there was much rejoicing! Here’s what I found when I opened up the Priority Mail box:

Sonny and Shear

(Please excuse my awful tablecloth.)

Lovely packages all tied up with ribbon! I could hardly wait to tear them open, however, and this is the swag unveiled:

Sonny and Shear

It did not at all escape me that the tea bags sent along with my order matched my yarn perfectly. It’s little touches like this that make my heart go pitter-pat.

Just because the situation screams for it, some yarn pr0n.

Sonny and Shear
Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

Sonny and Shear
Dream in Color Smooshy Sock: Giant Peach

Sonny and Shear
Zen Yarn Garden Merino/Tencel: Pretty in Pink

Everything was so perfect and arrived in pristine condition, there was even a card from Kris thanking me for my order. Lots of nice little touches that made me feel special and definitely made me decide that the next time I’m looking for indie yarn, this will be my first stop.

Now, about the website itself – they have a number of great promotions available that make shopping with them even more enticing. First, you can sign up for their monthly newsletter. In addition to a special coupon code the e-newsletter also contains shop news, new product raves, contest details, information on their buyer’s rewards programs, and other tidbits and links of interest. It’s worth reading all the way through!

They also offer the aforementioned buyer’s rewards programs, which are all fantastic incentives. Sonny Money lets you earn points every time you place an order so every time you buy something you’re working your way to free merchandise. Can’t beat that! ShearLinks offer blogs (like this one!) the opportunity to link to their website and earn points toward merchandise credit. Last but not least and possibly my favorite, Bust Your Stash encourages you to use the yarn you’ve been hoarding, send the ball bands to Sonny & Shear to earn 10% off your next purchase – it doesn’t even have to be yarn originally purchased from Sonny & Shear, which I think is awesome.

Most importantly the yarn is gorgeous and abundant at Sonny & Shear. Things do sell out, but when I shopped I still found plenty to mull over and I found myself humming the tune to “If I Had a Million Dollars.” The shipping was quick, the customer service courteous and efficient, and now I have some lovely, lovely yarn to drool over. Maybe I’ll even use it to, you know, knit something someday!

All logo images Β©2007-2008 Kris Haukoos and Sonny & Shear